Danghyra Boutique

D a n g h y r a is the famous Venetian brand that since 2010 has enchanted thousands of customers and admirers all over the world thanks to the refinement of its production.

The only existing store overlooks a street hidden in the Dorsoduro district, where you can admire the entire production line and where you can customize an order by comparing all possible colors and decorations.

D a n g h y r a boutique has been a point of reference for over 10 years for customers and admirers from all over the world who never fail to visit it on every Venetian trip.A recognized reality that has developed a path of trust with an ever wider audience. The boutique is where you can personally appreciate the quality of the limited production and the unique piecees it hosts. with the desire to represent the place for the highest expression of contemporary ceramics, where radiation and innovation meet, giving life to a unique and inimitable catalog that combines ancient materials with modern and minimal processing.



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