Danghyra Atelier

The magic happens just beyond the bridge that connects the island of Venice to the mainland: this is the place where all the design and construction

phases of D a n g h y r a take place.

A sophisticated laboratory where the entire catalog of the founder and designer Dangirute Raceviciute comes to life, whose thirty-year experience is able to embellish the third-fire cooking technique with precious metal blooms: a work of high craftsmanship and refined synthesis capacity which gives the white earthenware the iridescent reflections of copper, platinum, 24 carat gold, incorporating them into essential geometries, the result of its interpretation, research and continuous evolution of new shapes and decorations, able to enhance any type of space with linear sumptuousness.

An ideal production site, where controlled materials and highly specialized processes converge, divided into production and cooking spaces, also dedicated to the creation of prototypes, custom limited series and customized supply contracts. Among the accommodations, private collections, spas and restaurants with which D a n g h y r a has recently collaborated are the Aman Hotel Venice and Il Sereno Hotel Lago di Como.


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