Dangirute Raceviciute, alias Danghyra, is a designer who revealed since the first years of study a promising artistic attitude and a deep sensitivity for the aesthetic of beauty, especially in objects and furniture design.


Danghyra’s training started at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius, renowned for its tradition and experimentation on applied arts. Her curiosity and the research for the contemporary lead her travel all over the world.  In 1991 she moved to London where she accomplished her studies as a designer at Central Saint Martins University of Arts. 


After various experiments in set design and creation of objects, Danghyra chose ceramics as the material for her creations.

Therefore began a meticulous research that lead Dangirute to experiment color and shape, essential basis of what will become her style: Danghyra.

A style characterized by the technic and a keen attention to detail that come from a long research and knowledge.


In 1997 Danghyra moved to Italy, the right place to continue her work rounded by aesthetics and beauty.

In those years she refined her experimentation and at the same time she started  collaborating with various companies and designers.


In 2010 she opened a boutique in Venice. Boutique Danghyra is a summary of her creative insights and innovations that have lead her idea of “home” to current ways of contemporary-looking design.


From 2015 Danghyra focused on “contracts”, special agreements with restaurants and hotels for the design and production of tailor-made objects: with this option Danghyra offers to her customers the opportunity to choose and customize an existing object of her collection or to create an ad-hoc one, designed in collaboration and according to customer’s wishes.


In 2019 Danghyra brand increase the marketing visibility throughs international distribution and extra collaborations.

In 2021 Danghyra develops and creates new limited edition collections for international luxury hotels. For the Aman Hotel Venice Danghyra develops an exclusive bathroom collection for each suite of the site. Il Sereno hotel on lake Como invites Danghyra to realize a special collection of thea and coffee sets for each room of the hotel.
This two major collaborations are still on developing and on process for the design and interior decoration of other limited collections by Danghyra.

In 2023 Danghyra Japan is started. The brand exportation is followed by Hiromi Ichiji.
It's the beginning of a new market and commerce in all the japanese territory.

In 2024 Danghyra begins distribution in Chile and throughout South America.
Export of the brand is handled by BAGSY SpA, based in Santiago, Chile.


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